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The Biola Mathematics Department endeavors to provide a strong foundational core curriculum for the student desiring to pursue both the pure and applied fields of mathematical science. Through coursework and training students are well prepared for applied mathematical sciences (statistics, computer science, operations research and actuarial science), the field of teaching and graduate school.

What emphases are offered at Biola?

Applied Mathematics

The study of applied mathematics involves the use of mathematics in real world problems. Examples include:

  • How do I construct an algorithm to find and rank web pages for an internet search?
  • How can I use data to build a model relating child birth weight to mother’s weight and diet?
  • Given a list of constraints, what is the optimal production schedule for a manufacturing process?

Applied Math concentration classes include Statistics, Operations Research, and Differential Equations. Students interested in preparing for a mathematics career in business, industry, or government should choose this concentration.
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Computer Science

Students in the computer science concentration have the opportunity to study the underlying mathematical principles of various topics in computer science. Some extra computer science classes are required for this concentration, including Data Structures and Theory of Algorithms. There is some flexibility in choosing upper division courses, as classes in either mathematics or computer science may be taken. Math students interested in becoming computer programmers should choose this concentration.
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The mathematics concentration allows for the most flexibility in choosing upper division courses. Students who wish to go on to graduate school in mathematics should choose this concentration. As preparation, students are encouraged to take as wide a variety of upper division courses as possible. Classes taken primarily by those in the mathematics concentration include Complex Variables, Classical Geometry, and Number Theory/History of Mathematics.
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Mathematics Secondary Education

The secondary instruction concentration is designed to prepare students for a career in secondary teaching. Students who have selected this concentration have found jobs in public and private schools in California and many other states, and across the world. The required math courses are selected to prepare students to teach the requirements of the Mathematics Content Standards for California Public Schools. Students are also prepared through required Education classes that culminate in a student teaching experience. The Department offers optional preparation for the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET). If you are considering this concentration, speak to the Math secondary instruction advisor and an advisor in the School of Education.
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